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Differences Between Used & CPO Cars | St. Charles, IL


If you want to save money on your next car purchase, then you’re likely looking to buy used. But have you considered a certified pre-owned Nissan model? Both used and CPO models can help you save thousands, and we’ve provided a helpful list of the benefits of these two types of pre-owned vehicle to help make the buying process easier for you.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car,
Truck, or SUV

  1. Purchasing used is the most affordable method, even more so than purchasing CPO. Our dealership has a full inventory of models under $15,000.
  2. Most pre-owned models in our inventory include a vehicle history report. Simply select the report included on each vehicle listing to learn information like the number of previous owners and how many times the vehicle has been serviced.
  3. Most pre-owned models are closer to the end of their depreciation curve, so will retain their value longer and more steadily.
  4. We carry a variety of makes and models in our used inventory, giving our customers a larger variety of choice.
  5. Our dealership provides pre-owned specials where shoppers can find even further disconnected pricing on select pre-owned models.

Advantages of Buying a Certified
Pre-Owned Car, Truck, or SUV

  1. The best quality pre-owned vehicles are usually CPO models. CPO models will not be priced as low as other pre-owned models, but the price matches the high quality and low mileage, and they are still much more affordable than a new model.
  2. These are late-model year vehicles, and typically have only had one owner — many CPO models are off-lease.
  3. CPO models have never been significantly damaged, and any minor damage — cosmetic or otherwise — is repaired before they are put up for sale. Our CPO inventory will never include a vehicle under an open recall.
  4. CPO models retain the remainder of their from-new warranty, with roadside assistance along with it.
  5. When purchasing a CPO car, you are eligible for new car financing rates.

Do you still have questions about the difference between certified and non-certified pre-owned vehicles, or about any particular model in our pre-owned inventory ? Please don’t hesitate to call Nissan of St. Charles at (855) 837-8061 . Our experts are always ready to help.